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Crank and Carve

Bikes we stock:

Special order frames. Custom built to your specifications:

We are a full service shop catering to each cyclist's personal wants and needs.

We are able to assist you in your choices whether you are just beginning ro ride or an accomplished professional.

Whatever the bike-whether skinny or fat tire-we like it.

Specializing in:

  • Custom wheel builds: A hand built wheel can change the entire "feel" of a bicycle's ride.
  • Bike fitting: From comfort to racing, your riding position directly equates to power, efficiency, and enjoyment.
  • Suspension Setup: Properly tuned suspension puts the "glide in your ride."
  • Local trail knowledge: Over 25 years of riding in and around the Wood River Valley means we know where that trail goes and hot to get back.
  • Chasing down most any part: If you can give us a little time for research, we can usually find what it is that you're looking for.

Clothing makes the cyclist.

  • In this case, the right clothing makes the ride: More comfortable, less inhibiting, and more enjoyable.
  • The ends to the means: Quality products at fair and reasonable prices.
We have painstakingly researched and are proud to stock the following brands of clothing and accessories:



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